Train collides with bus in Russia, killing at least 16

Oct. 6 (UPI) — At least 16 people aboard a bus were killed when it was struck by a train in Russia’s Vladimir region, 60 miles east of Moscow.

The bus was traveling late Thursday from Kazakhstan to Moscow with 55 people aboard when it was struck at a railway crossing by a train traveling from St. Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod. The bus stalled on the tracks and was hit by the train, although the train was signaled to apply its emergency brakes, the Moscow Times reported Friday, citing a news release by state-owned JSC Russian Railroads.

The state-owned Russian news agency TASS reported that officials blame a technical malfunction on the bus for the crash. Some bus passengers managed to jump out before the collision, trying unsuccessfully to push the vehicle to safety.

Moscow’s Department of Transport opened a criminal investigation of the incident.

Hours later, another bus crash happened in Kolomna, a city about 70 miles southeast of Moscow. Six people died and 15 were injured when a bus overturned along its 120-mile route from Ozyory to Moscow.

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