The victims in Las Vegas: Who they were

Oct. 3 (UPI) — As authorities continue to try and work out a motive and background for suspected Las Vegas gunman, more is becoming known about the dozens of victims killed in the attack.

Authorities have not yet listed an official list of those shot Sunday at the Route 91 country music festival, but the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Los Angeles Times and CNN have compiled a partial list of the dead:

Angela Gomez, a 2015 graduate of Riverside Polytechnic High School in Riverside, Calif., she was described by school staff as a “fun-loving young lady with a great sense of humor.”

Hannah Ahlers, 34, a mother of three from Murietta, Calif.

Sonny Melton, a registered nurse from Paris, Tenn., who attended the concert with his wife, Heather.

Lisa Romero-Muniz, 48, a secretary in the Gallup-McKinley County, N.M., Public Schools system.

Neysa Tonks, a mother of three, employed at a Las Vegas software company.

Quinton Robbins, of Las Vegas, a recreational assistant for the city of Henderson, N.V.

Rachael Parker, 33, a records technician with the Manhattan Beach, Calif., Police Department.

Rhonda LeRocque, 42, of Tewksbury, Mass., described by her aunt, Gloria Murdock as a devout Jehovah’s Witness and “all things to all people.

Sandy Casey, a special education teacher in the Manhattan Beach, Calif., Unified School District.

Susan Smith, 53, an office manager at the Fundamental Elementary School in the Simi Valley, Calif., Unified School District.

Jessical Klymchuk, 28, of Alberta province, Canada, a school librarian and mother of four.

Jenny Parks, a kindergarten teacher in the Lancaster, Calif., School District.

Bailey Schweitzer, 20, of Bakersfield, Calif., a member of the Valley Bible Fellowship Church and part of her family’s business, Bakersfield Speedway.

Jennifer Irvine, an attorney practicing criminal and family law in San Diego.

Carrie Barnette, an employee of the Disney Company in Los Angeles.

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