Las Vegas shooter sent tens of thousands of dollars ‘overseas,’ officials say

Las Vegas gunman’s girlfriend could be interviewed overseas

Significant shift in the way law enforcement is publicly describing Marilou Danley; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington.

The Las Vegas shooter sent tens of thousands of dollars “overseas,” federal law enforcement officials told Fox News Tuesday.

The revelation comes amid questions about the whereabouts of Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who left the U.S. before Paddock committed the horrific attack that killed 59 and injured at least 515 others.

Investigators are looking into whether Paddock sent the cash to Danley amid conflicting reports she’s in either the Philippines or Japan, the officials said.

They noted the money crossing hands was a significant amount and authorities were trying to uncover who received the cash and where it currently is. It was not immediately clear when the money was transferred.

An Australian newspaper, Brisbane’s Courier-Mail, reported Monday that Danley was an “Australian citizen originally from the Philippines.”

Police say they want to question Danley further when she returns to the U.S.

Paddock was a prolific gambler who was known to play poker games for $1,000 a hand, and was spending up to $30,000 a day on the casino floor in the days leading up to the shooting, according to casino accounts.


“It’s like a job for him,” his brother, Eric Paddock, said Monday. “It’s a job where you make money. He was at the hotel for four months one time. It was like a second home.”

The gunman was purportedly well known in Las Vegas and was even comped free rooms and given access to special casino facilities thanks to the large sums of money he spent on the Strip.


Despite his time gambling, his family said he was simply a wealthy former accountant who enjoyed the Vegas lifestyle, and there is no clear evidence he had incurred massive gaming losses.

ISIS, which has a strong presence in the Philippines, claimed Monday that Paddock was “a soldier” who converted to Islam months ago. But the FBI on Tuesday discounted any connection between Paddock’s deadly rampage and international terrorism.

Fox News’ Jake Gibson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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