1st thief up for sentencing in major Chicago train guns case

A federal judge will sentence a purported street gang member for a heist of 100 newly minted guns that put a focus on security at a major Norfolk Southern rail yard in a high-crime part of Chicago.

Andrew Shelton’s sentencing Tuesday is for the theft of revolvers, rifles and other guns off a freight train stopped overnight at the South Side facility in 2015. Three such thefts occurred from 2014 to 2016.

Prosecutors say the guns fell quickly into the hands of gangs and drug dealers. They’ve linked such thefts to Chicago gun violence.

Shelton is the first of eight defendants up for sentencing in coming weeks. Prosecutors seek an 11½-year prison term. They say the 43-year-old Shelton received less time for six previous train-theft convictions and it didn’t deter him.

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