Puerto Rico’s stray dog packs killed by hurricane

Hurricane Maria triggered enormous damage across Puerto Rico, killing many of the island’s abandoned dogs.

 (Sato Project)

The dogs ran wild on so-called “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico — abused and then abandoned by their owners.

Then the hurricane hit, and the feral dogs were washed away. None survived.

Christina Beckles, a New Yorker who founded a non profit to save the slumdogs of Puerto Rico, flew to the devastated island after the hurricane to help her staff at the Sato Project and whatever dogs they could help.

We know the people of Puerto Rico will persevere and we are mobilizing to get on the ground tomorrow to help the many animals in need. The recovery effort is going to be monumental and we are going to need tremendous resources, but our IMMEDIATE PLAN is to transport all our dogs to safety asap and then to help as many displaced dogs as possible in the days and weeks to come. The images in our slide show are from Yabucoa. Hurricane Maria made landfall there at 6.15am Wednesday morning at Dead Dog Beach. Mayor Rafael Surillo reports “total devastation and 99% of Municipal structures destroyed.” We still have had no contact with our team there….. We are in this for the long haul. Many of you want to help and the best way to aid us is to donate to our Hurricane Fund at the link below (also in our bio): www.thesatoproject.org/hurricane Please share with your colleagues, family and friends. We need your support now more than ever. Thank you. #SatoStrong

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But the situation is far worse, and more dangerous, than she could have imagined.

“Once the hugs and tears were over, the first thing we all wanted to do was go to the beach to look for our feral dogs,” Beckles wrote on Facebook.


“Sadly, we did not find them and our hearts are heavy with the reality upon seeing the utter devastation at the beach — they did not survive.”

The island of 3.4 million people is without electricity, and water, and looters have taken over as police and the National Guard enforce a strict 6 pm to 6 am curfew — leaving Americans in chaos, abandoned by their government.

“It’s a war zone,” Beckles said by email. “There is no power or water. We are under curfew from 6 pm to 6 am. Food is becoming scarce and people are getting desperate. Looting has already begun. The lines to get gas are seven to ten hours long — to receive $10 worth of gas.”

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