Lee returns as hurricane in the Atlantic

Sept. 24 (UPI) — Lee, which degenerated into a remnant low last week, has intensified into a Category 1 hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said Sunday.

Lee became the 11th named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season on Sept. 16 but dropped into a depression and then a low. It became a hurricane for the first time in a 2:30 a.m. Sunday update and the eye has since then become more defined, the NHC said.

In its 11 a.m. advisory, the NHC said Lee had maximum sustained winds of 90 mph and was traveling south at 3 mph. It was about 875 miles east of Bermuda and 1,375 miles west of the Azores.

NHC forecaster Dan Brown said Lee will be near major hurricane strength within the next 24 to 36 hours but “late in the period decreasing sea surface temperatures and increasing shear should impart a weakening trend.”

He said the “rapid intensification of Lee appears to have slowed for now.”

“The intensity forecast of the small hurricane is somewhat tricky,” Brown added. “Lee is forecast to remain in a low-shear environment for the next few days, but the slow motion of the hurricane is likely to cause upwelling and a decrease in sea surface temperatures beneath the hurricane.”

No coastal watches or warnings are in effect.

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