Commuters injured in terrorist-related fire in London subway

Sept. 15 (UPI) — An explosion and fire aboard a crowded London subway car on Friday morning injured several passengers and interrupted service in what police say is a terror-related attack.

The explosion occurred as train left Parsons Green station in southwest London. The incident is regarded as terrorist-related, London Metropolitan Police said.

Passengers said a wall of fire could be seen and felt aboard one car on the train.

Witnesses said several people were seen with severe burns, and others who were injured as passengers hurried to leave the train. Police have not issued a casualty count.

None of the injuries are life-threatening, officials said.

The incident prompted panic in the subway — which is the world’s oldest and among busiest — disrupted schedules and drew a quick and heavy response from rescue workers and armed police.

Friday’s fire was the fifth terrorism-related attack in London in 2017. The previous four killed 36 people, and police said six other significant plots, soon to be prosecuted, were thwarted before they occurred.

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