Nine arrested as demonstrators clash in Portland, Ore.

Sept. 11 (UPI) — Police arrested nine people in clashes between conservative and opposing protesters in Portland, Ore., and nearby Vancouver, Ore., local authorities said.

Police said they arrested seven people in Portland on Sunday afternoon, when a black-clad coalition of marchers — including some who self identified as part of an anti-fascist group — fought with officers. The counter-demonstrators where there to confront a “Peaceful Portland Freedom March” organized by the right-wing group Patriot Prayer.

The permitted conservative march was moved minutes before its start time to the nearby suburb of Vancouver, and with few right-wing marchers present, the antifa protesters fought with police, who fired pepper spray as demonstrators launched smoke bombs and rocks, Willamette Week reported Monday.

A man driving a pickup truck displaying American flags and a Confederate flag decal accelerated as he approached a group of protesters in Portland. People jumped out of the way, and the unidentified driver was detained by police and later released. No injures were reported.

Two protesters were arrested in Vancouver.

Hundreds of demonstrators arrived in Portland to protest the right-wing demonstration. Most were from Portland Stands United Against Hate, an umbrella group of about 80 activist organizations. The counter-protesters outnumbered those attending the Patriot Prayer event, The Washington Post reported.

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