Bahrain ranked No. 1 on ‘Best Places’ list; U.S. in bottom third

Sept. 6 (UPI) — The Middle Eastern kingdom of Bahrain has shot to the number one spot on a list of the best places in the world to live and work.

The Expat Insider survey questioned 13,000 expatriates from 166 countries, and found Bahrain received the highest marks out of 65 countries evaluated.

Last year, Bahrain barely made it into the top 20.

What makes Bahrain special, according to those questioned, is that foreigners feel at home there. With only one language to learn, English, they also say assimilating is easy.

Costa Rica was ranked second and Mexico third, followed by Taiwan and Portugal to round out the top five.

Costa Rica rated No. 1 in the ‘finding friends’ category — and Mexico performed the best in the ‘ease of settling’ category.

As for the worst places, Kuwait, Greece, and Nigeria were the bottom three.

Foreigners in Greece said they struggle with financial issues — 27 percent note their household income is insufficient. Kuwait struggled in ‘quality of life’ and Nigeria received low marks in travel, safety, and health.

The United States ranked 43rd — in the list’s bottom third. Among the issues impacting the U.S. standing are concerns with political stability, and the cost of medical and child care, the survey said.

The report, compiled every year by InterNations, evaluates each nation’s desirability by seeking feedback from thousands of expatriates — or non-native residents who live there.

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