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Barcelona was targeted by an ISIS terrorist who ran over scores of pedestrians Thursday. Has anyone considered that Arab men are simply terrible behind the wheel? If there’s anything we’ve learned from Barcelona, London Bridge and Paris, it’s that perhaps Muslims should let women drive.

President Trump wondered out loud Tuesday if Jefferson and Washington monuments will be removed along with the Confederate monuments. There’s the educational aspect to consider. After all the statues come down, where will school teachers take the children during White History Month?

The Sacramento Bee says California’s secession petition is gaining steam statewide. Cal State schools are allowing separate dorms for black students, Long Beach is the symbol of free trade, and sanctuary city claims are based on states’ rights. Between secession, segregation, free trade and states’ rights, would someone please tell me again what Democrats have against Confederate statues?

Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee announced he will introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump over his recent remarks blaming both the far-left groups and the far-right groups in the Charlottesville riots. It gets worse. Mexico has just offered to pay for the impeachment.

Lexington, Kentucky, is bracing for another demonstration by White Nationalists and counter protests by leftists over Rebel monuments. Bloodshed is imminent. If there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s we should probably decide in advance what to do with the statues from the next civil war.

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles had huge lines of people on Sunday just waiting in line to buy those specially-made sunglasses. People in L.A. are famous for not paying complete attention to the news. They’re happy they can now can look directly at Confederate statues without going blind.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was updated on Friday on the progress of his Clean India charity project. The charity is dedicated to building bathrooms with running water for everyone in the country. Last year India produced sixty-eight million tons of human waste, second only to cable news.

President Trump gave a televised speech on national security at Fort Myer Monday which was well received even by his critics. It left them shaking their heads. Even Democrats have to give Trump credit for being able to read a teleprompter just hours after staring directly into a solar eclipse.

ESPN removed an Asian-American announcer named Robert Lee from calling the University of Virginia’s opening football game Saturday because he has the same name as the Confederate general. It’s jaw-dropping. The mainstream media’s hatred for the South now extends to South Korea.

The Secret Service reported Monday it’s out of money and can’t afford to pay the hundreds of agents it requires to protect the president’s large family. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says President Trump has two choices. He can either step down from office or he can kill all his children.

President Trump called out John McCain in his Phoenix speech for casting the vote that cost the Obamacare repeal. All this a day after the U.S. Navy cruiser named after the senator rammed a cargo ship. Conservatives are sure it was McCain’s slow turn to the left that caused the catastrophe.

President Trump ad-libbed a blistering attack on the mainstream media Tuesday in his speech in Phoenix. Their superior attitude can be a little rough on him. The mainstream media covers Donald Trump’s presidency as if every day is a new episode of Keeping Up with the White-Trashians.

A Chicago pastor demanded the Chicago City Council remove a statue of George Washington atop a horse in a Southside public park. What a long week for Southern heroes. Vegetarians just staged an angry protest in Kentucky and demanded that the statue of Colonel Sanders be taken down.

— Argus Hamilton

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