Ohio mortuary shut down for having unrefrigerated corpses covered in mold, flies

Aug. 4 (UPI) — An Ohio mortuary services company was shut down by the state after inspectors found unrefrigerated bodies covered in mold and flies.

Premium Mortuary Services LLC in Carlisle, Ohio had seven human bodies that hadn’t been embalmed in coolers that hadn’t been working for several days, according to the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

“This is morally wrong. They should be ashamed,” said Misty Rose Blevins, whose mother, Tammy Lynn Blevins, was cremated at the company in July, reported the Journal-News.

According to WCPO, funeral board inspector Troy Seehase got a tip about the funeral service running afoul of regulations and dropped in for an inspection. When he arrived, he found three dead bodies, not yet embalmed, in cardboard containers outside of a cooling device.

All of the coolers in the facility were broken, with temperatures in the 60s. Outside of the refrigerators, room temperature was in the 90s.

Seehase also noticed a strong odor of decomposition in the air as flied buzzed around.

The facility had 18 dead bodies in these conditions, including three children.

One of the bodies had a face covered in mold. Another had “absorbed what appeared to be oil from the fat of the body breaking down,” according to a report issued by the funeral board.

“I can’t comment as to why things went on as long as they did,” said funeral board president Jon W. Rettig Sr. “The investigation will be continuing.”

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