This Is How TripAdvisor Is Expanding Services In Its Restaurant Category

After acquiring multiple restaurant reservation booking websites and becoming the biggest online restaurant reservation platform in Europe with its TheFork, TripAdvisor is now planning on partnering with restaurant delivery service provider, Deliveroo . The Deliveroo service will be available across 12 countries on over 20,000 restaurants listed on the TripAdvisor platform. The countries where this service will be offered include the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Customers who wish to access the Deliveroo service can click on the “order online” option of TripAdvisor.

It seems that TripAdvisor’s goal for becoming a one-stop-shop for travel booking will now be extended to restaurants as well. With its Instant Booking platform, TripAdvisor made its progress from being a hotel metasearch website to a hotel booking platform. Now, with the incorporation of Deliveroo’s services, customers can not only book restaurants to eat out (through TheFork) or review those, but can also order food from select restaurants.

Though TripAdvisor is yet to witness a strong performance by its Instant Booking platform, it is leaving no stones unturned to up its marketing game to attract more shoppers and make a turnaround in its performance. It recently entered into television advertising after a two year hiatus, and announced that it will spend around $70 million on its TV ad campaigns for this year. Its stock price has fallen by around 45% in the last year and it has been on a downward spiral since the time that Instant Booking was introduced in 2014 and it failed to gain traction among travelers. It is notable to point out,  however, that TripAdvisor’s non-hotel segment (which includes restaurant bookings) is growing at an impressive rate but since over 80% of its revenues come from the hotel segment, the performance of the non-hotel segment gets overshadowed by the hotel segment. However, with its constant efforts towards improving the customer and supplier experiences on both its segments, TripAdvisor might finally be in a position to make a turn around in its performance in the near future.


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