Trump Hotels unveils lower-budget American Idea chain

June 6 (UPI) — The Trump Organization announced plans for a chain of three-star hotel properties across the United States.

The business, founded by President Donald Trump and operated by his sons, specializes in luxury hotels in major cities. The new, lower-budget chain, to be called American Idea, will begin by rebranding three existing properties located in Mississippi and outfitting them with a new name and d├ęcor.

The new hotels will make no reference to Trump, said Eric Danzinger, CEO of the Trump Organization’s hotels division. In a statement Monday, he predicted an expansion of the new hotel chain serving “many more guests, owners and markets across the nation.”

The first three hotels in the chain — in the Mississippi cities of Cleveland, Clarksdale and Greenville — are operated by Chawla Hotels Inc., which will license the American Idea name and concept from Trump Hotels. They could open with the new theme within seven to eight months, owner Dinesh Chawla said.

Donald Trump ceded control of the Trump Organization to his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., when he became president. Critics have said the business empire presents a conflict of interest with his administration, The Hill said Monday.

Norm Eisen, former ethics adviser to the Obama administration, described the new hotel chain as “exploiting public office for private gain” on Monday, Bloomberg News reported.

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