‘Stan Against Evil:’ Production begins on new episodes of horror-comedy

June 3 (UPI) — Production has begun in Atlanta on Season 2 of Stan Against Evil, IFC announced this week.

The horror-comedy stars John C. McGinley as Stan Miller, a retired police sheriff, and Janet Varney as Evie Barret, his replacement, in the demon-plagued hamlet of Willard’s Mill.

Also featuring Deborah Baker Jr. and Nate Mooney, the supernatural show is to return this fall with eight new episodes.

Among the guest stars expected to appear are Denise Boutte, Jeffrey Combs, David Koechner, Steven Ogg and Patty McCormack.

“The new season picks up where the Season 1 finale cliffhanger left off, with Sheriff Evie Barret stranded in the year 1692, accused of being a witch and about to be burned at the stake,” a press release noted. “Despite his best attempts to never leave his couch, the disgruntled Stan Miller must begrudgingly solve the mystery of Evie’s time-traveling disappearance. Throughout the season, the unlikely team will continue to battle against the unconventional demons trying to take over their town, which continue to pop up in every size, shape, and animal form.”

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