Asiana Airlines flight attendant suspended after secret bedroom breach

May 31 (UPI) — A South Korean flight attendant has been suspended after anonymous reports posted on an online bulletin board alleged the Asiana Airlines employee took her daughter to the onboard crew rest compartment while on duty.

Asiana Airlines stated Wednesday the unidentified employee had taken her daughter, a “middle school student,” to an area with secret airplane bedrooms off limits to the public, Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday.

During the overnight flight traveling from Rome to Incheon, the employee identified as “Manager A” took her daughter to the crew-only compartment after the child complained of severe motion sickness and dehydration.

The flight attendant told her colleagues she would be taking a two-hour rest in the bedroom with her daughter, while her husband, who was also traveling on the flight, remained in his seat.

It was unclear whether other flight attendants opposed the decision, which was reported anonymously on an online employee bulletin board called “Blind.”

The original post claimed “crewmembers were unable to rest because one of the employees brought in a passenger into a secure facility while in flight.”

South Korea’s transportation ministry said crew rest compartments are not designated secure facilities, and that “it is up to airlines to decide on the designation.”

The plane includes seven beds for crew, allowing 11 crewmembers to alternate their schedules, according to the report.

Asiana Airlines is still investigating the case, according to the report.

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