Cara Delevingne Shows Off Her Shaved Head In Cannes While Other Celebs Show Off Slightly Less-Shocking Looks

Posted on Fri May 19th, 2017 12:17pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Cara Delevingne has never been one to blend in …

She’s knows for her shaggy brows and now she’s got more hair there than on her head! The freshly-shaven model-actress stunned in Cannes at the Magnum party Thursday night, showing off her brazen new look and doing her signature pose with her tongue out.

The new look is for Cara’s upcoming role in the teen film Life In A Year co-starring Jaden Smith. Smith’s character learns that his girlfriend [Delevingne] is terminally ill and has only a year to live. He’s committed to giving her a full life in those remaining 12 months.

So while Cara had to sheer her locks for a film role, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well for her real-life personality. In fact, it seems like she’s enjoying this bold style!

Speaking of bold! Other celebs took some fashion risks with Petra Nemcova practically spilling out of her white-hot gown and Emily Ratajkowski looking badass in her black lace see-through jumpsuit/skirt combo. Susan Sarandon and Uma Thurman were more subdued, while Lily Davidson and Adriana Lima screamed sexy in their all-white looks. Check out the gallery with more celebs’ stunning gowns and glitter!

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