Google honors camembert cheese inventor Marie Harel with new Doodles

April 28 (UPI) — Google is celebrating what would have been the 256th birthday of camembert cheese inventor Marie Harel with a new Doodle.

Google’s homepage features a slideshow of colorful artwork, created in the style of early 20th-century French posters made by artists such as Herve Morvan and Raymond Savignac, that illustrates how camembert is made step-by-step.

“Harel, who’s credited with creating the first camembert in 1791, is said to have encountered a cheese whisperer at the Normandy manor where she worked as a dairymaid,” Google begins the cheese makers tale of how she invented camembert.

“According to legend, a priest (purportedly from the region of Brie) took shelter at Beaumoncel near Vimoutiers during the French Revolution, and he shared his secret for making the now-famous soft-centered cheese. Harel added her own signature, packaging the cheese in its iconic wooden boxes,” Google continues.

Harel is said to have added her own twist on the recipe, making her camembert in smaller wheels without added cream, notes Time. The cheese became popular in France after wheels of camembert were given to soldiers fighting in World War I and then in the United States as it was easy to transport using the wooden boxes.

Google also notes how the “village of Vimoutiers, home of the Camembert Museum, boasts a statue of a cow — as well as one of Harel, who made such a delicious contribution to French cheese culture.”

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