United Airlines makes changes to boarding policies

April 27 (UPI) — United Airlines revealed its version of the April 9 incident in which a passenger was forcibly removed from a plane on Thursday, and listed customer service changes.

In the “Review and Action Report,” the airline explains how maintenance problems obligated the airline to place a flight crew of four aboard Flight 3411, traveling from Chicago Louisville, thus making the plane overbooked and the airline searching for volunteers to give up their seats. When none volunteered, the airline selected passengers to leave the plane; one, reluctant to leave, was injured as he was dragged down the plane’s aisle by law enforcement officials, while cellphones recorded the incident.

“We can never apologize enough for what occurred and for our initial response that followed,” United’s statement says. It adds that “concrete and meaningful actions” have been articulated to “become a more customer-focused airline.”

The report includes a 10-point list outlining the company’s new policies, which includes a limit on reliance on law enforcement personnel; an increase in customer compensation incentives for voluntary denial of boarding — up to $10,000; additional training of United personnel and a promise to reduce overbooking of flights.

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