Kanye West Looks Pissed After Wife Kim Is Fat-Shamed, And We’ll Explain The T-Shirt …

Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2017 6:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

We caught up with Kanye West yesterday outside his Calabasas office and homie was not looking too happy …

After wife Kim Kardashian was fat-shamed even by fans and friends, not to mention the usual haters, when she posted sexy snaps from her vacay in Mexico with sis Kourtney, Kanye has a reason to be upset.

That said, Kanye fell in love with Kim because of that famous derriere, so he’s probably not going to let some internet trolls ruin his day or his affection for his wife’s backside.

So the other noticeable thing about Kanye yesterday was his T-shirt. You know he likes cryptic messages but in this case, we’ve broken the code! Kanye’s Boot Boyz Biz tee references a famous architectural home in he south of France designed by Irish artist/designer Eileen Gray. She was a friend of Le Corbusier but disagreed with his belief that a “house is a machine to live in” — hence the quote on the sleeve of Kanye’s shirt: “A house is not a machine to live in.”

Anyway — it’s a cool home, a cool piece of architectural history and there are some cool people who’ve worked tirelessly with the French government to restore it. We’re not sure if Kanye has any idea what E1027 is but he probably agrees with the Boot Boyz Biz mission, as published on their web site: “We embrace worn objects as containers for ideas in addition to expressing perspectives,” and “We’re interested in distributing ideas and myths linked to histories we take interest in.”

Oh, and Kanye wore his Adidas Calabasas sneakers, but we prefer the shirt …

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