Pope Francis calls for powerful to ‘act humbly’ or face ruin

April 26 (UPI) — In a Ted Talk video, Pope Francis said those with power will be ruined if they do not “act humbly” as part of his worldwide call for a “revolution” of tenderness.

The pontiff, speaking in Italian, made the nearly 18-minute video, which can be subtitled in numerous languages, from Vatican City. His address was shown during the Ted 2017 conference in Vancouver, Canada, on Tuesday.

In his Ted Talk, Francis said that hope can lead to a revolution in which humans are kinder to one another and less distracted by things such as money.

“Tenderness is not weakness; it is fortitude. It is the path of solidarity, the path of humility. Please, allow me to say it loud and clear: The more powerful you are, the more your actions will have an impact on people, the more responsible you are to act humbly. If you don’t, your power will ruin you, and you will ruin the other,” he said.

Francis also called for humans who have the capacity to “react against evil.”

“Through the darkness of today’s conflicts, each and every one of us can become a bright candle, a reminder that light will overcome darkness, and never the other way around.”

The theme for the Ted conference was “The Future You,” but in his video, Francis emphasized there is no “you” without “us.” He said the hope for a better, more tender world begins with the individual.

“A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you. And then there will be another ‘you,’ and another ‘you,’ and it turns into an ‘us.’ And so, does hope begin when we have an ‘us?’ No. Hope began with one ‘you.’ When there is an ‘us,’ there begins a revolution,” Francis said.

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