Two killed in Venezuela’s ‘mother of all protests’

April 19 (UPI) — An anti-government march organizers called the “mother of all protests” in Venezuela turned deadly Wednesday when at least two people were killed in clashes with police.

Demonstrators in downtown Caracas were dispersed by police using tear gas during the largest in a wave of protests this month by opponents of President Nicolas Maduro. They accuse Maduro of creating a dictatorsh

Venezuela’s public ministry said it was investigating the shooting of a 17-year-old man in Caracas following marches by opponents and supporters of the embattled Maduro,

The other victim was a 24-year-old woman shot at a protest in the western Venezuelan state of Táchira, the Washington Post reported.

Seven protesters have been killed in protests against Madur’s government, the BBC reported.
But protesters vowed to continue voicing their displeasure in a country racked by food shortages and political unrest.

“This is exhausting — but we won’t give up until we achieve a better country and democracy,” said Luiza Mayorca, a lawyer and mother of three in Caracas. “Every time we do something, that’s what we feel: that the worst thing would be to stay home, let fear take over us. This government, this regime, is making life miserable, and we cannot accept it.”

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