The funniest signs and shirts at the 2017 Boston Marathon

For most of us mortals, running 26.2 miles hardly seems like a laughing matter. But it turns out there are some pretty funny signs and shirts at marathons, ostensibly to motivate fatigued runners with humor. 

Whatever. But you don’t have to run the Boston Marathon (or even attend it!) to get a taste of some of the best signs and shirts along the course. There were some pretty awesome signs and shirts at this year’s edition of the marathon, and we’ve rounded them up here for your viewing pleasure. 


Run, like the Falcons refused to do in the fourth quarter

Too soon

Like a fine-tuned machine?

Trigger warning

Good dog

What a beauty this life is

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This guy probably finished in fourth place

Monday motivation

Not a shirt exactly, but still

An unintentional tribute to Gronk, perhaps.  

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