Mel B Keeps Security Close As She Fears For Her Life After Split From Stephen Belafonte

Posted on Mon Apr 17th, 2017 2:00pm PDT       By X17 Staff

We understand why she wants her bodyguard around!

Mel B was out and about running errands in LA over the weekend, and she had her security detail with her at all times! It’s no wonder, considering the former Spice Girl is “living in fear of her life” following her decision to file for divorce from her allegedly abusive husband Stephen Belafonte.

She has extra muscle on the set of America’s Got Talent, too, just to make sure her ex doesn’t show up and try to ambush her.

“Mel is petrified about her safety and fears Belafonte may attempt to crash the filming to see her. She is living her life in fear about the ramifications of filing legal papers of divorce and the restraining order,” a source dished to The Daily Star.

A new report claims Belfonte savagely beat the mother-of-three when he suspected she was having an affair with Simon Cowell.

“Stephen’s jealousy at that point was causing massive problems in the marriage — and he was convinced something was going on between her and Simon. He did not like the fact Mel obviously looked up to him and spoke about him a lot,” a source dished to The Sun.

“He thought she was up to all sorts at the time — but accusing her of sleeping with Simon was a real low point. He just couldn’t control his jealousy and anger when she was appearing on such a high-profile show with successful people that he didn’t know. It caused huge arguments that led to a loss of trust that never really healed. It is definitely one of the things that led to the eventual breakdown of their relationship,” the source added.

The British beauty has since reportedly cut off Belafonte from all her bank accounts, and is seeking the help of victim support groups to deal with the trauma of her tumultuous marriage to the music producer.

She’s so lucky to have gotten out alive!

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