Can Revis Play Safety? Should Pats Have Prioritized Butler Over Gilmore? Why Is Kaepernick Unsigned?

How many hours did you just waste watching atrocious college basketball? (Anything greater than zero was too many; except for the Duke loss, that was fun). Time to get back to football, and everything you missed over the past week.

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This week’s show:

1. So Revis dropped weight and is willing to play safety. But does he make any more sense there than at cornerback?

2. Did Patriots essentially choose Stephon Gilmore over Malcolm Butler? And, if so, should they have?

Seinfeld reference…

3. DeMarcus Ware hangs ’em up; how do the Broncos replace him? 

4. Cowboys lose two more defensive backs; now is it time to freak out? 

5. Why is Colin Kaepernick still unsigned?

6. Latavius Murray to Minnesota as running back dominoes start to fall 

7. Eddie Lacy to Seattle; could it be late-season magic? Or is he even one of the top four backs on the Seahawks? 

8. Holy crap is Marshawn Lynch coming back, and what would he do for the Raiders? 

9. Oakland finds its tight end in Jared Cook 

10. The niceness of a lighter Dontari Poe in Atlanta

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