Alligator handler plays real-life ‘Pokemon Go’ with ‘Magikarp’ and ‘Gyrados’

MOSCA, Colo., Oct. 19 (UPI) — A professional alligator handler in Colorado posted a tongue-in-cheek video where he turned feeding one of his reptiles into a game of Pokemon Go.

Jason McDonald of the Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca posted a video to YouTube that begins with him explaining he is playing a real-life game of Pokemon Go and planning to “catch a Magikarp and try to evolve it into a Gyrados.”

McDonald uses a bowfishing rig to catch his “Magikarp,” actually a standard carp, and he takes it to an enclosure at the gator farm.

“We’re gonna turn this Magikarp into a Gyrados,” McDonald says as he tosses the carp into some water.

An alligator surfaces to quickly devour the carp, and McDonald identifies the gator as his real-life “Gyrados.”

“Look at you, you cute little Gyrados,” McDonald says, “We made a dragon!”

“I was bored with playing Pokemon on my cell phone so I decided to play the real thing,” McDonald wrote.


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