Boat tour operator rescues drowning wallaby off Australian island

SOUTH STRADBROKE ISLAND, Australia, Oct. 17 (UPI) — A drowning wallaby that became stranded while fleeing an attacking dog was plucked out of the water by a jet boat tour operator.

Jamie Earley of GC Jetboating said he was driving a vessel loaded with tourists Thursday when he saw the wallaby plunge from the coast of South Stradbroke Island into the water.

“I just saw it jump right into the water,” Early told the Gold Coast Bulletin. “Then I realized there was a dog chasing it.”

Earley said he “was with an afternoon tour” at the time, but he knew he “had to do something about” the situation.

Earley’s camera recorded the moment he plucked the wallaby from the water and placed it at the front of the boat.

The video shows the apparently exhausted wallaby calmly riding and allowing the passengers to stroke its fur.

“It was really relaxed, I put him on the dash of the boat, he was just chilling out,” Early said. “Then we just took him back to shore.”

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