SI True Crime Coverage Hub

SI True Crime, a new ongoing series from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, will dive deep on stories of sports crime and punishment through in-depth storytelling, enhanced photos, video and interactive elements.

Check back often to find new pieces from SI’s award-winning journalists as well as classics from the SI Vault.

(Roll over a story and hit “Open” to launch an installment.)

  • The Saint v. The ‘Thug’

    by Rich O’BrienOpen

  • Inside the Sam Hurd Drug Case

    by Michael McKnightOpen

  • Who Killed Lorenzen Wright?

    by L. Jon WertheimOpen

  • Bradley’s Violent Crimes

    by Michael McKnight with L. Jon WertheimOpen

  • The Bull Whisperer

    by Michael McKnightOpen

  • The Boy They Couldn’t Kill

    by Thomas LakeOpen

  • Crime and Punishment

    by Gary SmithOpen

  • A Tragic Fight

    by David GardnerOpen

  • Murder Shakes Football Town

    by Rolf PottsOpen

  • “I’m Glad I Went to Prison”

    by L. Jon WertheimOpen

  • The Split

    by Michael McKnightOpen

  • Mookie’s Downward Spiral

    by Greg HanlonOpen

  • The Great Impostor

    by Richard Hoffer, special reporting by Don YaegerOpen

  • The Biggest Drug Bust in Sports

    by Armen KeteyianOpen

  • The Big Heist

    by L. Jon WertheimOpen

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