Two dogs rescued from drain pipe in Massachusetts

BOXFORD, Mass., Oct. 14 (UPI) — Two dogs in Massachusetts were trapped in a drain pipe together for several hours before being rescued by local police.

Boxford Police Department shared photos of the two dogs, Winston and Rosie, who ran into the drain pipe while playing in their backyard.

“They got excited and ran down a drain pipe that runs from the back of our property and down the hillside,” the dogs’ owner told CBS Boston.

The smaller Winston was small enough to get himself out of the pipe, but refused to leave Rosie behind.

“She was the one that was really stuck, and he wouldn’t come out without her,” the owner said.

Brother and sister emergency workers Tyler and Brooke Dechene were able to monitor the dogs by dropping a probe into the pipe which eventually helped guide the dogs to safety after five hours.

Neither of the dogs were injured during the rescue, but their owner said the curious pets tried to go back into the pipe just minutes after being freed.

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