Deer trapped in hammock rescued in Indiana

NOBELSVILLE , Ind., Oct. 14 (UPI) — A deer whose antlers became stuck in a hammock was rescued by police in Indiana.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office shared photos of the deer as it struggled to remove its antlers from the ropes.

“Officers were dispatched to help a deer whose antlers were stuck in a hammock,” police said. “With some extra caution to avoid antlers and hooves, the deer was cut loose from the ropes and, despite wearing a few extra strings on his rack, ran off to enjoy the day.”

Police warned that the encounter with the deer could have wound up becoming a sad story, but the deer was ultimately rescued without incident.

Residents were also encouraged to allow animal control officers to handle injured animals for their own safety.

“As a reminder, never approach an injured deer as hurt or sick animals can act unpredictably,” police said.

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