U.K. student driver gives police ride during emergency call

LONDON, Oct. 15 (UPI) — A student driver and her teacher helped police chase down a suspect in London by offering them a ride.

Two officers engaged in a foot chase with a suspect who resisted arrest prompting a call for backup, according to Kingston Police.

Officers at the Chessington patrol base about a mile away heard the call, but did not have access to a police car and began running toward the scene while attempting to flag cars for assistance.

During their run a student driver and her instructor spotted the two officers and offered them a ride to the scene.

“As expected the learner driver drove safely and along with her instructor remained calm throughout the journey,” police said. “She dropped the officers off near to the scene and they ran the last part.”

The officers were able to arrive in time to apprehend the suspect without any further injury.

The police shared story along with photos of the incident to their Facebook page and encouraged those who helped to contact the station.

“Sadly we were unable to say thank you to the members of the public that assisted us last night,” police said. “However we would like to trace them so we can say thank you properly.”


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