In three weeks, tune on Tony Romo’s return could change

7:39 PM ET

FRISCO, Texas — The Twitter mailbag is ready, and Dallas Cowboys fans have lots of questions.

In this mailbag we discuss:

• QB Tony Romo’s return

• OT Tyron Smith’s back

• DE Randy Gregory

Away we go:

@toddarcher: No, do not look for Tony Romo to play Oct. 30 against the Philadelphia Eagles. He has picked up his conditioning and throwing in the last couple of weeks, but his first game back looks like Nov. 6 against the Cleveland Browns. If the Cowboys had put Romo on injured reserve at the start of the season, that would have been the first game he could have played. The Cowboys are off next week and have only one practice, and it’s not really a practice before the players scatter for the bye week. They return to practice full time Oct. 24, so Romo would have four days to get ready for the Eagles. The more QB Dak Prescott wins, the more the Cowboys and Romo can be patient with his comeback. To me, Romo’s return will not be about his health. It will be about the circumstance of the team. Let’s see what this team’s record is after Oct. 30. By then, everybody could be singing a different tune.

@toddarcher: Players are off Tuesday, but I get the literation and what you’re trying to say. To me, we saw the Cowboys try to manage Tyron Smith the last couple of weeks. The Cowboys work in pads only on Wednesdays, and he has been limited with his back injury. They will continue to do that until he’s feeling better. It has to be somewhat of a concern that he has not been able to shake it. He did not have an issue during last week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals but was unable to get loose Thursday. The key is having these guys ready for game day. If it takes playing it smart with Smith’s back on Wednesdays and throughout the week, then do that. He is too valuable to the offense.

@toddarcher: It’s best to think about 2017 with Randy Gregory, and I’m not playing a trick in thinking about the playoffs in January. I actually mean the 2017 season. He will have missed an entire offseason program, organized team activities, minicamp, a full training camp, four preseason games, 15 weeks of regular-season practices and 14 regular-season games. No, I don’t think he would provide a boost. I reserve the right to change my mind depending on the health of the defense, but that would be too much of an ask for Gregory. He’s a developing player as is. He did not have a sack as a rookie. It wouldn’t be fair to him. While he is around the team, working out and taking part in meetings, his focus should be on keeping his life in order.


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