Two rockets strike popular Turkish resort town; no casualites

ANTALYA , Turkey, Oct. 14 (UPI) — Two explosive rockets hit the popular resort town of Antalya in southern Turkey on Friday, according to local media. No casualties have been reported.

Dogan reports that a group of unidentified militants fired rockets from a mountainous area that struck a fisherman’s store in Antalya’s neighborhood of Çalticak. One of two rockets fired struck empty land.

An explosive was also thrown at a gas truck that was on a local road but the vehicle was not damaged. Turkish police dispatched teams to investigate the explosions, including an aerial-support squad to hunt down the suspects.

“This morning at 10:20 a.m. an explosion occurred in the town of Çalticak,” Çalticak’s fishing port authority said in a statement Friday. “The cause of the explosion is being investigated. There is not any loss of life and injury has not occurred.”

The intended target of the rocket attacks may have been a tanker docked at sea that was near the fishing shop.

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