Teenager convicted for 2014 murder of USC student

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14 (UPI) — A teenager was convicted for the 2014 murder of a Chinese student at the University of Southern California, the first of four people involved with the crime to face trial.

Alejandra Guerrero was found guilty of first-degree murder for beating Ji with a wrench, and also convicted of robbery, attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon for an attack on another couple she allegedly attempted to rob with Andrew Garcia, Jonathan Del Carmen and Alberto Ochoa hours later.

Ji was on the way home from a study group when Guerrero, Garcia, Del Carmen and Ochoa — all teenagers at the time — attacked him with a baseball bat and a wrench.

During the attack, which Guerrero had foreshadowed in Facebook messages where she discussed robbing white and Chinese people, Ji attempted to escape the foursome when Guerrero chased him down and beat him with the wrench. He made it home, trailing blood behind him, and died in bed later that night.

Guerrero and the three other assailants then drove to Dockweiler Beach from the USC campus and attempted to rob a man and woman they encountered.

Guerrero, 18, was 16 at the time and is ineligible for the death penalty, but could be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Garcia, Del Carmen and Ochoa all await individual trials for Ji’s murder, and Garcia and Ochoa also face charges for the alleged attack at the beach.


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