Kim Zolciak: Daughter Brielle ‘should wait’ on plastic surgery

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14 (UPI) — Kim Zolciak wants daughter Brielle Biermann to wait before having any “crazy” plastic surgeries.

The 38-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta alum said on Thursday’s episode of Hollywood Today Live that she thinks the 19-year-old should hold off on a boob job until after she has kids.

“I think she should wait until she has children. I tell her, ‘You want bigger boobs? You need to breastfeed. I’m big on breastfeeding; I breastfed all of my [children]. Then go do it,'” Zolciak said.

“She did her lips [and] everybody freaked out. She’s an adult, [but people freaked] because we’re honest about it and I went with her,” she suggested. “I feel like, be honest. I feel like women should help other women.”

Brielle, who was sitting off-camera, confirmed her mom took her to get lip fillers. The teenager said she talked about getting injections for “years and years and years” and that Zolciak knew her lips were “a really big insecurity” of hers.

“She went with me,” Brielle recalled. “She was kinda like, ‘Okay, let’s go. I don’t want you going to some crazy person in Atlanta, so let’s go outside to L.A. and go to the best.'”

Zolciak had defended Brielle’s choice to get lip fillers while appearing on Watch What Happens Live in September. The reality star said at the time that her daughter is “an adult” who can make her own decisions.

“I’ve heard her complain about her lips since she came out of the womb, honestly,” she added. “She said, ‘I’m doing it.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, well, I’m going to take you to the best.'”

Zolciak is known for starring on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but left the Bravo series after Season 5. She, husband Kroy Biermann and their family presently star on the show Don’t Be Tardy.


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