Hurricane Nicole moves out to sea after hitting Bermuda

MIAMI, Oct. 13 (UPI) — Hurricane Nicole reduced to Category 2 intensity as it moved out to sea Friday after a direct hit on Bermuda.

Nicole struck the island as a Category 3 hurricane, the strongest to hit the archipelago since Hurricane Fabian 13 years ago, but moved northeast as it diminished. Although swells could cause dangerous rip and surf currents along the U.S. mainland in the next few days, the hurricane no longer poses any threat to land areas.

Sustained winds reached 75 mph at Pearl Island and at L.F. Wade International Airport, where maximum gusts of 119 mph and 104 mph were recorded, respectively, the Weather Channel reported. The storm brought 6- to 8-foot storm surge with “large and destructive waves” and several inches of rain.

A hurricane warning in Bermuda ended at 6 p.m. Thursday, and although the impact was less than expected, serious damage to the island’s infrastructure was reported. Walls and roads collapsed, roofs were torn off buildings, trees fell, boats were damaged and homes were flooded. There were no reported fatalities.


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