Dwyane Wade opens up about almost signing with Bulls in 2010

2:09 AM ET

CHICAGO — Dwyane Wade almost became a Chicago Bull in the summer of 2010. That part of Wade’s return to the Bulls — in 2016 — has been well-documented. But in an informative post-practice news conference, the All-Star guard expounded on why the reunion with his hometown team didn’t happen six years earlier.

Chris Bosh effect,” Wade said, explaining why he and LeBron James didn’t sign with the Bulls in 2010. “Had the opportunity for us three to play together and we both separately really wanted to play with Chris Bosh. So it was going to be kind of a sense where Chicago wanted two players, they could have got two players. It probably was going to be LeBron and Chris or me and Chris, right? It kind of was moreso that effect, that they could only do two. And Miami was able to get all three of us. And we really wanted to play together at that moment once we found out it could be a thing. So instead of it being me, LeBron and Derrick Rose, it’s going to be a tough one. So we decided to pick what we thought was better from a basketball standpoint.”

The rumors about Wade coming to Chicago six years ago were all over the place. Some within the organization were very confident after speaking to both players that not only would Wade sign with the Bulls during the game-changing summer, but Bosh would as well. Wade’s comments on Tuesday reaffirmed how important Bosh’s presence was in the entire scenario, which ultimately led to all three players deciding to play in Miami.

“I knew Bosh,” Wade said. “We got the same agent coming out [Henry Thomas]. I knew Bosh obviously. But just from a fan standpoint, I think Bron tried to get Bosh in Cleveland that year in the middle of the year. I always loved his game. Also, you got to look at personalities as well. I felt his personality fit perfect with, I think we all felt his personality felt perfect with us. It was just us trying to put together our dream team in a sense. Chicago was very tempting from a standpoint of what they had on the roster when it came to talent. But when it came to the point when Miami came and was able to get three players, that changed the whole dynamic of the summer.”

Wade also confirmed that had the Bulls been able to move forward Luol Deng as part of a potential deal, clearing out enough space to sign all three players (Wade, James and Bosh), the course of NBA history might have changed.

“It would be a different story,” Wade said. “We thought about it. … That didn’t happen. It was something that [the Bulls] talked about. They were very open with us with what they were trying to do. They heard the news of Miami being able to bring three players in. But it never happened. So we never had to think that far.”

Wade said he knew a potential Deng deal could be in the works.

“Yeah,” he said. “This was a place that I wanted to play. This was a place that Bron also loved. We loved the city of Chicago. It’s a great market as well, so yeah. Obviously, the sunny sun of Miami is great too. We had two great choices. It pretty much boiled down to what we felt that we could — we had to build a whole team in Miami. Obviously here they had players already. But once we got me, Bron and Chris, we had to now take pay cuts, we had to build a team. It was obviously tougher to do it in Miami but because we wanted to play together, us three, we decided to do it there.”

Wouldn’t it have been easier to construct a roster with players like a healthy Rose and Joakim Noah already on it?

“I don’t know. I think we made a good choice,” Wade said with a smile. “It worked out. It wasn’t like they had three roster [spots] — they couldn’t get all three of us and add us to the mix of what was going on. And then at the same time, you have to look at it too, they did have a young Derrick Rose. He got MVP that next year. So you’re already talking about two guys who are ball dominant. And then you have a young up-and-coming star in the league who’s ball dominant. So at that time, I don’t think it would’ve worked out for us. I think we took our two ball-dominant selves away from having three guys as ball dominant.”

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