Donald Trump uses Wikileaks emails for attack on Hillary Clinton

CINCINNATI, Oct. 14 (UPI) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said allegations he inappropriately touched women are lies by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the media in an effort to distract from real issues.

Trump, speaking at a rally in Cincinnati on Thursday night, said the real news is information coming from the Wikileaks hack of emails from John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, and other top adviser. The Clinton camp would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the emails, but said Russian hackers were behind them to help Trump in his campaign.

Trump said the emails reveal the true nature of her character and that of those around her. He said the emails uncovered the following:

– Clinton colluded with the U.S. Justice Department over her use a private email server while she was President Barack Obama‘s secretary of state.

– The Clinton Foundation had a pay-for-play arrangement between foundation donors and the State Department while she was secretary.

– Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, made critical remarks about Catholics and evangelical Christians in one exchange.

– The Democratic National Committee tipped Clinton off to a question before a town hall with primary opponent Bernie Sanders. The DNC has denied the allegations.

Trump also blasted Ohio Gov. John Kasick, who challenged Trump for the Republican nomination, and other Republicans who denounced support of the candidate after a video showed Trump joking about groping women.

“A vote for me is a vote for you, and it’s a vote for change,” he said. “I honestly believe this is the last chance we’ll ever get. … Either we win this election or we lose this country.”

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