Suspect in German bomb plot found dead in jail cell

LEIPZIG, Germany, Oct. 12 (UPI) — A Syrian refugee suspected of plotting a bomb attack in Germany, and captured after a two-day manhunt earlier this week, was found dead in his jail cell on Wednesday night.

Jaber Al-Bakr was found dead in his cell of an apparent suicide, and his lawyers are expressing outrage the man was able to kill himself while in custody.

Al-Bakr, in custody since Monday, should have been more closely watched, not only because he was a terror suspect but also because he’d been on a hunger strike since being arrested.

“I know there was a suicide risk and I was told earlier today that he had been under permanent surveillance,” said Alexander Hübner, Al-Bakr’s lawyer, seemingly baffled that someone so closely watched could manage to commit suicide.

Al-Bakr escaped a raid on his apartment Saturday, which officials called a “virtual bomb-making factory,” and was caught after a Syrian man reported he’d contacted him from the Leipzig train station.

Al-Bakr was thought by police to have been significantly along planning a bomb attack in Germany and were concerned he was thinking of attacking an airport in Berlin.

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