Amber Rose Defends Kim Kardashian Amid Claims Robbery Was Faked

Posted on Thu Oct 13th, 2016 7:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

They may have had a few nasty squabbles over the years, but Amber Rose is totally sticking up for Kim Kardashian these days!

Amber, who used to date Kim’s hubby Kanye West, was spotted after Dancing With The Stars rehearsals on Wednesday, and when asked about media outlets claiming Kim’s robbery was faked, the former stripper defended Kim, saying, “No, don’t say that, of course I believe it, of course I do!” Photogs then asked if she supported Kim, to which she replied, “Absolutely!”

As you may already know, a few websites are questioning whether Kim made up the whole robbery. Theories range from the possibility of Kim trying to collect insurance money to wanting more attention. Kim’s legal team has sued for three posts on the website, claiming Kim “staged” the robbery. The suit, filed by Kim’s attorneys Marty Singer and Andrew Brettler, slams the web site for reporting: “If she faked the robbery … she just committed a FEDERAL CRIME,” and they are demanding a retraction.

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