Category 2 Hurricane Nicole expected to hit Bermuda head-on

MIAMI, Oct. 10 (UPI) — Hurricane conditions are expected to begin on Bermuda Thursday morning as Nicole appears likely to make a direct hit as a strong Category 2 hurricane Thursday afternoon with deadly flooding and winds of 105 to 125 mph.

Nicole’s outer bands had already begun to sweep over the island Wednesday morning and afternoon, bringing gusty winds up to 40 mph and showers.

The National Hurricane Center reported at 2 P.m. Wednesday that Nicole had strengthened considerably overnight to a Category 2 storm with sustained winds of 100 mph and gusts to 120 mph. The storm is 270 miles south-southwest of Bermuda, moving north-northwest at 8 mph. Hurricane force winds extend out 45 miles, while tropical storm-force winds extend outward 160 miles from Nicole’s center.

A hurricane warning is in effect for Bermuda. Tropical storm conditions are expected to begin on the island Wednesday night.

Storm surge is forecast to be as high as 6 to 8 feet above normal tide. Fortunately, the island will be roughly at low tide at the storm’s peak. Large, destructive waves are expected to begin soon.

Rain accumulations of 4 to 8 inches are forecast through Thursday.

After possible landfall in Bermuda, Nicole would most likely head out into the open Atlantic, where it would likely dissipate over cold waters.

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