Angler frees duckling tangled in abandoned fishing line in South Florida

MIAMI, Oct. 12 (UPI) — A South Florida angler is urging his fellow fishermen to clean up after themselves after he freed a duckling from some abandoned fishing line.

Kevin Hughes posted a video to YouTube showing him finding and freeing a baby duck he discovered tangled in a fly fishing rig that had been left hanging from a tree branch.

“It’s not always about fishing,” Hughes wrote on YouTube.

“As an angler, a big part of what I believe in is conservation. I think it’s important that we use our time on the water to ensure that it stays healthy, and that includes removing fishing debris whenever possible. Sadly, someone left their fly fishing rig hanging from a branch, and this duckling had attempted to eat the dry fly still attached to it. Fortunately, I came across it almost immediately and was able to free the duck so it could return to it’s family. Please please PLEASE remember to clean up after yourself when you’re out on the water.”


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