Horses rescued from storm waters


The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Swift Water Rescue Team was called to assist in rescuing a horse Monday afternoon. 

According to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the sheriff’s office was called upon the Cumberland County Animal Control when water filled the facilities in the rear parking lot and began to flood the livestock pens. Animal control was denied assistance by FEMA after contacting them to assist in the relocation of the animals affected by the rising waters.

A local horse named Bob, who has not had a good life, was being housed in one of the livestock pens that was quickly filling with water.

The Swift Water Rescue Team was not trained for the type of operation, but did not fail Bob. They were able to get Bob to safety on higher ground where he could be loaded on a trailer and transported to another facility for safe keeping. 

Bob is looking for a forever home. You can find more information about Bob here.

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