At least 22 dead after building collapse in China

WENZHOU CITY , China, Oct. 11 (UPI) — Several residential buildings collapsed in east China on Monday, killing 22 and injuring six in the sudden disaster, local officials said.

Rescuers pulled 28 people from the debris after four residential buildings in Wenzhou City’s Lucheng industrial district of east China collapsed on Monday, with six survivors currently being treated in the hospital.

The last of the survivors, a young girl, was pulled from rubble around 6:45 p.m. after being protected by the bodies of her parents who died when the buildings collapsed.

Officials were unsure why the buildings crumbled, but they were built by villagers in the 1970s and were said to be in disrepair. Five nearby houses built around the same time were also demolished by rescuers to prevent additional disasters.

“They lost their lives to take advantage of cheap rent,” Guo Lin, a witness at the disaster scene, said of the people who lost their lives, most of whom were migrant workers. “It is horrible.”


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