Father builds backyard ‘American Ninja Warrior’ course for daughter

DENVER, Oct. 7 (UPI) — A man in Colorado built an elaborate American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course for his young daughter.

Gavin MacCall shared video of his 5-year-orld daughter Lylah completing the backyard course modeled on those seen on the NBC competition show.

“Her practicing everyday on the playgrounds around our neighborhood has really given her the strength for this course,” MacCall said.

Lylah can be seen navigating through the various obstacles including some made from wood and others implementing backyard fixtures such as wooden sheds and a swing set.

MacCall served as the announcer during Lylah’s run through the course in a style similar to the announcers of American Ninja Warrior. Several of Lylah’s stuffed animals were placed on benches to witness her attempt.

According to MacCall, Lylah completes a course once a year and this was the first one constructed outside of their home. He says he hopes to receive crowd funding to build even more elaborate courses in the future.

“This years course got much more involved and would not fit in the house. There are bigger plans for next year and Lylah could use some support,” he said.

The grander nature of the outdoor course did not present a problem for Lylah, as she managed to complete her run in just over two minutes.

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