Typhoon Chaba kills at least 4 in South Korea, moves to Japan

TOKYO, Oct. 6 (UPI) — At least four people died when Typhoon Chaba, packing winds up to 133 mph, moved through South Korea. The storm is headed for Japan, forecasters said.

The storm caused massive flooding in the South Korean cities of Busan and Ulsan an the resort island of Jeju. The dead include a firefighter who had been assisting in the rescue efforts and a worker who was hit by a crane toppled in the wind. Another person drowned in flood waters, China Daily reported. At least four people are missing. Chaba was the strongest typhoon to hit the area since 2003.

The storm also brought landslides, destroyed seawalls, roads and homes. More than 1,000 cars were destroyed in South Korea as a result of the storm and nearly 230,000 homes were without power. The country’s largest automaker, Hyundai, halted production during the storm.

The country deployed about 5,500 soldiers to the hardest hit areas.
“We will mobilize our troops to the extent that it won’t affect their basic duties,” an army spokesman said.

The storm is continuing its trek to Japan, where flights have been canceled and warnings have been issued.

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