Six killed in al-Shabab attack in Kenya

MANDERA, Kenya, Oct. 6 (UPI) — Al-Shabab militants broke into a residential compound in Kenya, near the border with Somalia, shooting and killing six people.

The attack in the town of Mandera happened around 2 a.m. Thursday morning as people were sleeping, say officials in the town.

“We have suffered another sad attack in mdr [Mandera] where six have been confirmed killed, one seriously injured,” Ali Roba, governor of Mandera County, said in a tweet after the attack. “We grieve with our families.”

Roughly 20 attackers used a grenade to break into the gated residential compound near the town’s public works facility, and started shooting people while they were asleep.

Several police reservists nearby responded to the attack as it was happening, and the attackers threw another grenade at a building as they were escaping the area.

Of the 33 people in the residential compound at the time of the attack, six were killed, one seriously injured and all others but two rescued safely. The two not rescued by police are missing, officials said.

Although the attack is the first in this area of Kenya in at least a year, the area has been a target for al-Shabab before, with attacks on buses and, specifically, non-locals and non-Muslims. The people in the residential compound at the time of the attack were non-Muslims and were not ethnic Somalis, police said.

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