University in Philadelphia seeks permanent home for library cat

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7 (UPI) — A cat who has taken residence at a university outside Philadelphia is seeking a forever home after sustaining an injury.

Haverford College’s resident library cat, known as Valentino or “HaverCat,” is up for adoption as it returned to the university after it was injured near the campus.

“You may have heard the news—I was recently injured. I’m not going to say that I went adventuring on the construction site, but I’m not gonna say I didn’t either,” a post on the cat’s Facebook page stated. “Anyway, I’m fine now. One of my library mommies took me to the vet and I’m on the mend. You might not see me roaming campus for a couple weeks, though…the vet said I’m supposed to stay inside. Silly human underestimates me.”

Valentino arrived at the school last December and grew to prefer life in the library over his original home.

“Every time we took him out, he got himself back in because he is clever,” circulation services and building coordinator at Magill Library Dawn Heckert told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Immediately following his injury the domestic shorthair stayed with assistant professor Ashley Foster, but Heckert said they were seeking a more permanent home.

“We are looking for the next step,” she said. “He settled in with the indoor life and enjoyed it.”

In the meantime Valentino has returned to campus and Heckert hopes a member of the Haverford College community will ultimately adopt him.

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