Pokemon Go is making it easier to catch rare characters

Pokemon Go is trying to lure back players by making it easier to catch rare Pokemon characters.

The update hasn’t happened yet and on the game’s website it’s being called a “sneak peek” – so there could be even more to come.

But what we know is that players will earn medals for each Pokemon type which will grant them a “catch bonus”.

This will “give you a better chance” of catching that particular type of Pokemon.

Gym training is also going to get easier

In a blog post, makers Niantic Labs announced that trainers will be able to bring six Pokemon to a friendly gym instead of four.

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Pokemon gym

Other updates have included introducing a “buddy” Pokemon which earns candy while the trainer walks around.

There have also been various incarnations of the “scanning” process – firstly removing the three-step display and then by adding real-life imagery.

Player numbers have been dwindling since the game’s massive engagement in the summer, so this could be an effort to bring people back.

There are still plenty of people playing it – even without the new update

Like many, Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, is still hooked.

She was caught playing Pokemon Go during a debate in parliament.


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