Like most of us, Obama refuses to go anywhere without his phone!

WASHINGTON, Oct. 7 (UPI) — It’s too bad former President Bill Clinton wasn’t there for a little payback.

Exactly one week after the American commander in-chief clapped, shouted and prodded Clinton to climb aboard Air Force One in Israel to return to the United States, it was Obama who held up the show.

As the president walked across the South Lawn of the White House Friday afternoon to board Marine One for a trip to Chicago, he suddenly realized he’d forgotten something — his smartphone.

He froze in his tracks, patted himself down and sprinted back inside — emerging about 30 seconds later, waiving his phone with a smile.

After the funeral for former Israeli leader Shimon Peres last Friday, news footage captured him aboard Air Force One waiting for Clinton to wrap up a conversation he was having with Secretary of State John Kerry on the tarmac in Tel Aviv.

“Let’s go!” he playfully shouted, after clapping to get the former president’s attention. When Clinton boarded, the two shared a smile and put their arms over each other’s shoulder.

With his phone safely in his possession, the president traveled to his hometown of Chicago, where he attended fundraisers for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton — and cast an early ballot for next month’s election.

“Voted early today. Make sure you vote too,” Obama tweeted Friday afternoon.

The president will stay overnight in Chicago and return to Washington Saturday.


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