Shades of #TheDress: Twitter war erupts over color of Kate Spade purse

JACKSON, Miss., Oct. 6 (UPI) — An online color controversy regarding the true hue of a Kate Spade purse has Twitter in a tizzy reminiscent of last year’s “#TheDress” debacle.

A photo of a Kate Spade purse posted to Twitter Thursday by user @Whyofcorso, aka Taylor Corso, sparked a flurry of debating tweets after another user identified the bag as white, and the owner responded by explaining that the purse is blue.

The similarity between the bag debate and #TheDress, an online controversy in September 2015 regarding whether a photo showed a white and gold dress or a black and blue dress, was not missed by Corso.

“Oh god #thedress is happening with #mybag,” Corso posted.

Corso’s explanation that the bag is “mystic blue,” a light shade that appears even lighter in her photo, did little to dispel the arguments.

The purse owner said the arguments had even started to mess with her head.

“Shoot now it kind of looks white IRL. What have y’all done to me,” she tweeted.

Corso said she started a fundraising page for Type 1 diabetes research as a means of turning the controversy into something positive.

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